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Technical and Environmental Advisors

Buildeco services include consulting and design of biomass, renewable energy, EIA, EMP, WMP and environment projects.




Buildeco and partner companies, can provide turn key solutions in biomass, regarding the implementation of the project plan. Engineering, procurement and construction of the projects can be successfully organized and implemented.

Additionally, a management scheme can be provided on demand regarding the management and operation of the biomass or any other renewable energy production units. A multidisciplinary team of competent advisors provide our clients with turn key solutions on renewable energy & biomass projects.



Environmental Impact Assessments

We provide efficient solutions and consulting for any environment application. Buildeco carries out any permitting process and licenses regarding any type of project within Greece and Cyprus.

Buildeco also produces as an outsourcing company any environment related design such as EMP, WMP or EIA and any documents for tendering procedures. Our services are efficient in a manner that provide our clients with the security and profitability needed in a highly professional level.

Buildeco Services

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  • Waste Management

  • Renewable Energy

  • Biomass

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